The Art of Orchardry

It started as a neglected vineyard...

Howling Moon Craft Cider started many moons ago, with cidermakers Kate and Nik sourcing apples from their neighbours. To craft their ideal cider, however, they needed bountiful baskets of specialty cider apples. They dreamed of caring for their own orchard and making craft cider in a new style, inspired by the Victorian ways of old.

In 2014, Kate and Nik purchased an overgrown farm, with grape vines scattered through Christmas trees. A whole lot of sweat and tears later, they had pulled out the vines, planted bushels of heritage apple trees, and invested their love into Howling Moon's very own cider apple orchard.

3000 heritage apple trees and a whole lot of love later

Today Howling Moon Craft Cider is more than a business - it is a orchardist family backed by a supportive community of farmers, collaborating to produce beautiful local beverages. Fruit from neighbouring farmers, honey from local apiaries, and of course Kate and Nik's own heritage apples and botanicals are fermented together to make revolutionary quality cider.

You can join the community and support these entrepreneurial farmers by subscribing to a cider community box. Live free - love cider!