The Age of Aquarians

Aquarians are said to be 50 years ahead of their time, have an affinity for science, art, and making the world a better place.


What happens when an Aquarian punk-rock Red Seal chef from Vancouver, meets an Aquarian hippy scientist from New England?  They make some wicked awesome steampunk-inspired cider of course.

Niklaus and Kate Durisek are channeling the inventive spirit of the Victorian era to reinvent craft apple cider.

The couple left their busy urban lives to buy an overgrown vineyard, dreaming of producing innovative ciders. Planting hundreds of heritage apple trees and making friends with their farming neighbours, the couple founded their own sustainably farmed orchard community. When they aren't planting, picking or pressing, Kate and Nik are avid music fans, attending festivals across Canada and making regular pilgrimages to Burning Man in Nevada. 

"Give me yesterday's bread, this day's flesh, and last year's cider." Benjamin Franklin

 Come meet the makers, and visit Howling Moon Craft Cider in Oliver, BC, or become part of the Okanagan cider-loving community, wherever you are!