Sweet Craft Cider Community Box


Join the craft cider revolution! Support Okanagan family farms, and have freshly-pressed cider delivered to your door.

This community craft cider box features sweet and semi-sweet Howling Moon ciders, for those who enjoy juicy, flavourful drinks made with dessert apples, honey and more. Your box will include classic Steampunk semi-sweet Rebellion cider, as well as seasonal sweet and semi-sweet Maker's series ciders.  

Howling Moon Craft Cider community boxes are an amazing way for cider lovers to taste small batch releases before they sell out, and save 19% on their favourite bottles. 

Thanks for supporting our farming family, and your local orchard community!

The Details

Howling Moon Craft Cider community boxes are prepared each May, August, November, and February to ensure enjoyment of the freshest possible cider.

All our craft cider community boxes are are available in 6 bottle and 12 bottle boxes. You can have them delivered, or pick them up at the Cider House - you pick.

You will be charged for your subscription every 3 months, automatically, from your initial subscription date. You can cancel any time after 4 deliveries (although who would want to, really?) If you are away from home, you can pause your subscription without cancelling. 

*Bottle deposits are included. Shipping is included!

Crate Size

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