Community Box Terms and Conditions

Howling Moon Craft Cider community boxes are prepared each May, August, November, and February to ensure enjoyment of the freshest possible cider. Your cider will be shipped, or be ready for pick-up, during those months.

Please note, you will be charged for your subscription every 3 months (that's 4 times a year,) automatically, from your initial subscription date. This payment date corresponds to when you placed your first order, not when orders are being shipped. You are always paying for your next upcoming order.

Your community cider box will be sent, or held for pick-up, according to the shipment method that you chose initially for your order. If you would like to switch shipping methods, please contact us before the shipment month begins so we can add or subtract the cost from your order.

You can cancel any time after 4 deliveries (although who would want to, really?) If you are away from home, you can pause your subscription without cancelling. 

Bottle deposits are included in the subscription price. 5% GST and 10% PST (liquor tax) will be charged in addition to the box price.

Thanks for supporting our agricultural family and farming community!