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Each summer, the golden light of day and coolness of night set the stage for orchard magic. It's an amazing time, watching water and air feed our heritage trees to bear tasty fruit.

To beat this crazy seasonal heat, we've pressed off some optimally refreshing ciders. Want to taste this season's small batch as soon as they are released? Then order your Fresh Summer Fruit cider now!

Each Fresh Summer Fruit Community Box contains a surprise mixture of Steampunk traditional and Maker's flavours, combining our heritage apples with other local field and orchard ingredients. Some bottles are Howling Moon staples, freshly bottled throughout the year, but others are from one-off batches, exclusively available through this community box. 

Thanks for supporting our farming family, and your local orchard community!

The Details

Our fresh and lively 6 and 12 bottle Fresh Summer Fruit Community Boxes are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are gone, they are gone! 

You can have your order delivered, or pick them up at the Howling Moon's Cider House - the choice is yours at checkout.

*Bottle deposits, and a special summer shipping discount, are already included. 

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