We planted a dream.
We grew a passion.
We live free.
We love cider.


We Planted a Dream.

Everyone has a dream, ours started back in 2011. After visiting the Okanagan several times we fell in love with the beauty of the landscape and the people. The sun-kissed orchards and vineyards, the rolling hills, the pristine lakes all beckoned us to leave our coastal lives and migrate to a slower pace, a smaller community, and a hotter climate. In 2012 we packed up our 100 potted heirloom apple trees and purchased a property to plant them at; we've been making our Howling Moon Craft Cider ever since.

We Grew a Passion.

For those familiar with the Okanagan you'll remember the area was once a valley full of beautiful orchards. Over time many of the old growth orchards have been pulled out to make way for more lucrative grape vineyards. Lower priced apples from Washington State have put many B.C. orchardists out of business leaving our fruit tree economy in jeopardy. We support local growers and orchardists because we are passionate about helping to preserve the traditional environment of the Okanagan Valley. With an aging population of farmers it's up to our generation and future generations to get involved in agriculture so we don't end up mono-cropping our orchards; risking the loss of our food security.

We Live Free.

Howling Moon Cider is about giving yourself permission to let go of your inhibitions, throw back your head and release a primal call to the wild. In today's world of deadlines, congestion, and expectations sometimes it helps to take a step back, assess your values, and realize that life is too short to be dictated by these realities. We're breaking free from the pack and building a revolution of free thinkers and passionate individuals. Never be afraid to live free and be yourself.

We Love Cider.

We literally LOVE cider!! We care about our apples, we care about our growers, we tenderly nurture each batch of cider through fermentation until its matured to perfection, and then we lovingly hand bottle and label each individual bottle ourselves (often while enjoying the fruits of our labour #tapthetank). If you love cider too, check out our cider page to learn more about our craftsman style and awesome vintage variety apples.