Our Products

We currently produce three main traditional styles of craft cider as well as our unique Makers' Series craft cider . Our products are available to purchase throughout the summer Friday – Sunday 12 – 5pm in our tasting room, by appointment outside of regular business hours, through private resellers and at various events and markets through the year. Check our events page for a current list of events that we are attending throughout the year and the locations page for a list of many private resellers that carry our products.



"The Revival" is our flagship product and a testament to the quality that can be achieved by blending sweet dessert apples with a smaller proportion of heritage cider apples, creating an approachable medium body cider that starts crisp and ends with a fruity apple finish. Pairs well with soft cheeses, fresh Okanagan fruit, spicy Indo foods, and BBQ chicken.



The craft cider "Revolution" has arrived and we’re leading the pack. This cider is made with a majority of heritage cider apples and taken to almost complete dryness. The result is a lighter body crisp cider with pronounced tannins and subtle smokiness. Just a hint of sweetness brings back the beautiful apple palate. Pairs well with smoky BBQ, grilled Nightshade vegetables, and wild BC Salmon.


Rebellion - Semi-Sweet Cider 6.0%

Rebellious by nature, sweet at heart. This medium body cider is made with a blend of BC grown dessert apples and boasts crisp, clean apple notes with a touch of sweetness. Exotic flavours of stone fruit, pineapple and guava pair well with chicken, pork and seafood dishes.

Cucumber Mint_Hi-Res

Makers' Series - Cucumber Mint Cider 6.0%

This refreshing cider is made with mint and cucumber juice. A touch of demerara sugar creates a lively spring cider that resembles a classic mojito. Pairs well with Latin and Cuban cuisine, grilled halibut, ceviche, chorizo, lamb and pico de gallo (fresh salsa).